The Rewards of a Spring Field Trip


The season of re-birth and creativity.

Remember Grade School Field Trips? They were my favorite. Now I realize why they were always in the Spring. They were a treat for all of us after surviving the classroom-bound months of our Chicago winters.

This week we were treated to our own version of Field Trips and I was amazed at how visceraly it touched me (and I suppose my inner child!).

We met with two groups of artisans in their workshops and got inspired by their crafts. I was physically reminded of my deep appreciation for their talents and the fact that I get exponentially energized by this aspect of the creative process. To me, this is the creative process at the deepest level — You’re not just pulling things together, you’re creating with the actual hands that make it….. Nothing digital!

Literally and symbolically we were being rewarded with some of the best parts of our job.

This got me thinking ……

What is the best version of me in design? What do I get jazzed from?

Not computers - I get jazzed from stepping inside these workshops and seeing the craftsmen with their tools and raw materials. It’s the promise of all the possibility that could happen from that partnership and that connection ……..

That’s when the true magic happens!!

These artists aren’t just in Italy, they’re in our backyard.

All that to say

Trix are for kids, but Field Trips are FOR ALL!

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IMG_3079 2.jpeg